Most Americans are completely clueless when it comes to toxins that cause all the major preventable diseases, including cancer.  It seems like they have no idea what prevention means.  If you are truly interested in adding quality years to your life, you need to start today, because America is the WORST developed country in the world to purchase food, water and medicine without knowing what you are really getting.  Corporations OWN YOU if you do not know what to avoid, because they market to you, they poison you and your family and they are the same companies that create drugs and bad medicine that kill, make you sick and shorten your life span.  Next: “WHAT ARE THE TOP POISONS” we need to avoid to live a healthy life.

  1. Gluten:  It starts out as a food, but after all the factory processes it ends up as a gooey, chemical mess in your gut that first destroys your immunity, clogs up and cripples your digestive tract.
  2. Vaccines (50 before age 7): Today’s vaccines contain live versions of the diseases, GMO’s, hormones from infected animals, new strain combinations of viruses, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and other cross bred bacteria from diseased humans.
  3. Fluoridated water (shorten’s your life):  What cities call “fluoride” is actually a toxic cocktail of over 100 deadly industrial chemicals and heavy metals, many of which are purchased in bulk from China.  This excess toxic waste is labeled “Sodium Fluoride” and dumped into our drinking water.
  4. GMO’s:  Molecular engineers work in laboratories gene-splicing vegetables seedlings with poisonous pesticides and toxic herbicides so plants are protected from insects, weeds and worms that might damage them.  The majority of products Americans eat daily contain some form of GMO corn, canola or cotton seed oil.
  5. White sugar:  Corporations use chemicals to “purify” and “beautify” this processed digestive nightmare.
  6. Flu Shots:  Mercury tests conducted on flu vaccines made by “Glaxo Smith Kline” have revealed a very high level of toxic mercury.  These scientific tests have documented 50 parts per million which is 25,000 times HIGHER than the maximum contaminant level of inorganic mercury allowed in our drinking water as set by the EPA.
  7. Pharmaceutical-grade synthetic and chemical-based prescription medications:  Statistics reveal at least 46,000 deaths per year in the U.S. for people who take their medicines “as prescribed” by their Physicians.  The death statistics are rising each year.
  8. Table salt:  (irradiated, bleached and refined):  We are not talking about sea salt here.
  9. Chemotherapy:  Why would you ever try to cure a disease CAUSED by chemical consumption with MORE CHEMICALS?  That is like pouring gasoline on a fire.
  10. Gelatin: Comes from all of the animal parts that do not get sold as “meat” in the markets and fast food restaurants across America.  Gummy bears and gummy worms and all gelatin-coated supplements are cooked and reduced aninmal muscles, tendons, eyes, hoofs – everything – mixed with genetically modified, pesticide-laden and herbicide-laden corn sugar (HFCS), and sold to unsuspecting children across the land.
  11. Canola:  Many, many years ago, the “BIG FOOD INDUSTRY” needed a cheap substitute for imported Coconut oil, Olive oil and Palm oil.  Some insidious Canadian scientist took rapeseed-the most toxic of all food-oil plants that was used in WWII for genocide – and diluted it to meet FDA “standards.”  Canola oil is more toxic than soy oil, even when it contains zero pesticides.  Studies of rats consuming canola revealed degeneration of the heart, kidneys, thyroid gland and adrenals.
  12. Unfermented soy:  No soy was fit to eat until the discovery of fermentation techniques during the Chou Dynasty.  Anyone eating unfermented soy could suffer abnormalities, kidney stones and food allergies.  TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND DO NOT “EAT” CANCER!  “Sholly Sez!”

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