It is very difficult to resist or stop eating chips, crackers or that can of soda pop if you have grown accustomed to these very addictive foods as part of your daily routine.  It has become very important to learn and understand how these processed foods affect your body mind and soul.  These foods can shorten your lifespan, cause many medical issues and zap your energy and health over time.  Here are NINE very good reasons why you should cut out all processed foods from your diet.

  1. Processed foods are highly addictive:  Your body processes whole foods much differently than junk.  Processed foods overstimulate the production of dopamine, known as the pleasure neurotransmitter, which makes you crave these types of foods.  We are unable to resist the temptation of junk foods that lead to obesity and major health problems.
  2. Processed foods often contain phosphates that destroy your organs and bones:  These foods contain phosphate additives that augment taste, texture and shelf life plus cause other health problems like rapid aging, kidney deterioration and weak bones, according to the Rodale Institute.
  3. Fresh foods are actually cheaper than processed foods:  People with junk food addictions claim that fresh, healthy foods are too expensive.  According to numerous studies whole foods made from scratch are less expensive per serving than junk food.  A single serving of 100 percent organic chili made with fresh ingredients and grass feed beef is about 50 cents cheaper to make than buying a can of chemical-laden, microwaveable chili from the grocery store.
  4. Processed foods cause chronic inflammation:  The leading cause of chronic illness today is inflammation.  Studies continue to show that refined sugars, processed flours, vegetables oils and other nasty ingredients found in all process foods are largely responsible for this chronic inflammation epidemic.  Next time your body craves a candy bar, a box of cheese crackers or any other processed foods, consider the fact that heart disease, dementia, neurological problems, respiratory failure, and cancer have all been linked to the chronic inflammation caused by processed food consumption.
  5. Processed foods ruin digestion:  Because they have been stripped of their natural fibers, enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients, processed foods tend to wreak havoc on the digestive tract.  Chronic consumption of such foods can throw your internal ecosystem off balance, harming beneficial bacteria and exposing your system to infection.  So you can basically think of those gummy bears and that piece of cake as literal poison for your system, which may help deter you from eating them.
  6. Processed foods destroy your mind:  If you suffer from chronic bouts of “brain fog” or have difficulty concentrating and thinking normally, chances are your diet might be the cause.  A recent study at Oxford University has found that processed and junk food consumption causes people to become angry and irritable.  Good nutritious whole foods can help level out your mood, sustain your energy levels and leave you feeling calmer and more focused.
  7. Processed foods are loaded with GMOs:  The basic building blocks of most processed foods on the market today are derived from laboratories, not nature.  Genetically-modified organisms , which have been linked to infertility, organ damage, gastrointestinal disorders and cancer, are prolific in processed foods.  Excess consumption of these poisons promotes weight gain, acidifies your blood and can even permanently alter the composition and function of your intestinal flora.
  8. Processed foods are loaded with pesticides:  In order to effectively grow the GMOs used in processed foods, conventional farmers have to apply Roundup (glyphosate) and other pesticides and herbicides, many of which end up in the final product.  According to data compiled by Rodale, breakfast cereals alone have been found to contain up to 70 different types of pesticides, including warehouse fumigation chemicals and other residues.
  9. Processed foods are not actually food:  One of the ways you can assess the nutritional value of food is to see how animals, insects, bacteria and fungi respond to the food.  Real food will actually rot or grow mold.  Fake, processed foods remain largely the same in appearance and shape no matter what their age.  As reported recently, processed food is essentially synthetic, which is necessary to make it taste real, even though it is fake food.  “Sholly Sez!”      (Dennis Shollenburg)

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