Most of us have at one time, probably when we were children, had scratches, cuts and scrapes sprayed with store bought hydrogen peroxide to help stop infections.  This blog is going to discuss the many other benefits of “FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE” for many health issues.

Can food grade hydrogen peroxide help cancer patients:  One of the most exciting uses of food grade HP is the potential for cancer therapy.  Although food grade HP is currently not recognized by mainstream medicine, there are many alternative cancer treatment centers where it is being used with positive results.  Science shows that cancer cells prefer acidic environments of low oxygen and plenty of simple sugars.  In a biological terrain rich in oxygen and antioxidants, cancer cells tend to have a poor survival rate.

How does hydrogen peroxide kill infections?  When food grade HP comes into contact with other substances, it will release a single atom of oxygen as part of an oxidation reaction.  Once this occurs, the remaining hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water or H2O.  Once the singlet oxygen atom has been released and is roaming around the body, it remains extremely reactive, oxidizing or reducing the molecular structures of a range of contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as attacking foreign proteins and parasites.  Best of all food grade HP has the ability to target diseased tissues.

What do cancer experts say about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide:  It is easy to understand why many Independent Science Researchers believe “Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide” has a place in cancer treatment and may even “kill cancer cells” based on facts that cancer cells tend to multiply in a low oxygen state and when exposed to oxygen the expansion of new cancer cells is greatly hindered and the cells may even die, because it appears that cancer cells do not have the ability to break down the oxygen atoms in food grade HP.  A WORD OF WARNING:  If you are a cancer patient, do not try to self-medicate.  “Always discuss any alternative with your primary cancer doctor or care specialist”.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide useful in any other conditions:  Food-grade HP therapy has also been used to treat other conditions, particularly those related to a lack of adequate oxygen reaching cells, such as asthma and allergies, diabetes, cognitive function, and cardiovascular.  Most scientific research is lacking in the treatment of these ailments with food grade HP Therapy, the ability of food-grade HP to improve oxygen levels – at the cellular level – provide some basis for proving that such treatment may indeed work.  “Sholly Sez!”

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