A number of clinical studies prove the natural nutritional supplement “PYCNOGENOL”, derived from French maritime pine bark, can significantly improve your health.  No matter how poor or  how good your current health, the evidence from hundreds of studies over several decades is clear that Pycnogenol will bring you important health benefits.  The evidence is that Pycnogenol helps maintain wellness by reducing the damage that ages your body and leads to many of the non-germ diseases associated with aging and decreased longevity.  Pycnogenol can also help strengthen your immune system to protect you from germ diseases.  Other Pycnogenol benefits support an active lifestyle, and maintain vitality, physical strength, mental health and and general well-being.  This includes “quality of life” concerns such as energy,healthy skin, a healthy sex life and normal pain-free movement.

These health benefits are not widely known.  Millions already benefit form Pycnogenol, but the vast majority of people have not heard about this wonderful natural supplement.  The goal is to share information about these documented health benefits and how they can help us all live better and longer.  As researchers, our mission is to bring to light the many health benefits of this amazing tree bark and documented history.  It is of little use and value to make a medical discovery if it remains buried in research files.  Surely you must be wondering how one nutritional supplement can have so many health benefits.  As scientists, we are trained to be skeptical and we hope you as readers and consumers are skeptic as well.  With close examination, the facts become self explanatory.

We are often asked how one nutritional supplement can have so many benefits.  The short explanation for the multitude of health benefits is that Pycnogenol is not merely one nutrient, but a precise, complex mixture of scarce nutrients, each of which may have multiple functions.  The nutrients of Pycnogenol are lacking in most diets.  They are primarily of a class of phytonutrients (plant-derived nutrients) called bioflavonoids.  It is only recently that scientists have found that bioflavonoids are so vital, yet lacking in modern diets.  This message is for information only and is posted as a blog on “Cornerstone of Life” for health information only!  “Dennis Shollenburg”

-Adapted from The Pycnogenol Phenomenon by Peter Rohdewald, PhD, and Richard A. Passwater, PhD

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