The conventional medical system has in many ways created as many, if not more problems than it has solved.  Drugs are vastly over prescribed and misused.  This is particularly true for antibiotics.  More than 80 percent of which are used in agriculture to fatten up livestock.  This routine practice has resulted in a man-made scourge of antibiotic-resistant disease, which is already rendering previously treatable infections lethal, and may soon turn minor surgery into a dangerous proposition.  What can you do to protect yourself?  Regarding antibiotics, avoid using them unless absolutely necessary, and remember they do not work for viral infections.  Also opt for organic grass-fed and grass finished meats, to avoid antibiotic residues and more importantly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria that could kill you.  This is a serious issue, so if you chose to eat meat, make sure it is clean.  “Sholly Sez!”

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