What kind of knowledge do licensed medical doctors have on the important subject of nutrition?  A recent survey published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,  most Medical Institutions and Medical Teaching Schools place very little emphasis on nutrition, nature and our body’s innate healing abilities.  it is fairly standard that when patients ask their doctor questions about nutrition and alternative health practices, they receive confusing, biased and fearful advice.  What does this void of practical health knowledge say about today,s medical doctors that treat symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs.

Unfortunately, doctors who dismiss the healing aspects of nutrient absorption and utilization are quick to schedule unnecessary tests and prescribe synthetic formulas manufactured by the price-gouging pharmaceutical industry.  Doctors and our hospitals are pressured by drug companies to prescribe their latest side-effect ridden pills and drugs.  To make matters worse, donations from the huge drug companies to hospitals run into hundreds of millions of dollars annually and our doctor’s educations are controlled by huge donations to medical schools by the pharmaceutical companies.

While medical schools require some form of nutrition education there is very little emphasis on healing nutrition.  Our graduating Doctors are taught to treat symptoms and push pharmaceutical pills.  Of 106 medical schools surveyed in this study, medical students only received an average of 23.9 contact hours of nutrition instruction.  Only 32 of 106 medical schools offered a separate nutrition course.  Why, because the money received from the pharmaceutical industry dictate the agenda of what is taught in the curriculum at our Medical University’s.

The real danger is the pharmaceutical industry, which masquerades as science-based medicine.  In fact, properly prescribed pharmaceuticals are directly responsible for at least 128,000 death’s in America and an additional 2.74 million serious adverse reactions each year.  In spite of these numbers, our medical professionals have a growing disdain toward nutritional products, herbs and healthy organic and super foods.  Many patients today are coerced into taking drugs for cholesterol, diabetes or blood pressure, for example.  They are being kept away from the holistic, nutritional protocols that make these heath issues obsolete.  I know, because the author of this blog played this game for twenty years and my health went straight down hill until I thought I was going to die.  I found natural doctors who helped me get off all medications and changed my life.  It was not easy, but it can be done.  “FINAL THOUGHTS”  In medical literature, the true science of nature is suppressed while pharmaceuticals are taught as the “HOLY DOCTRINE.”  “Sholly Sez!”   


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